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Applicants with skills

We are building a social media platform with benefits, often social media users are showing their daily routines with creativity and confidence. Employers would like to see individuals be themselves, be creative and show their skills.

With Workzone we want to make opportunity search more flexible, fun and easy to access. 

Are looking for a job?

Download Workzone
Create an account and 60-second video
View the map for jobs & apply
Note: remember the video is a reflection of your work ethics and imposition.

Opportunities with Employers

With the increase of social media use, companies have lost touch with a high percentage of the population. We are trying to reduce the gap, by providing a provisional and friendly platform to recruit from.

With WORKZONE you can post the job vacancy and applicants can apply for the vacancy via a 60 second video. Using video you get a first hand impression of the applicant which puts you in a better decision making position.

All you need to do as an employer is to:

Register as employer
Create a company profile
Post a job

Let Your Personality Shine Through

With all the advancements in technology, have you ever wondered why how we recruit people has not changed for years?

Well, we did it!

By using smart technology, we are changing the current recruitment systems. We have created a platform where individuals can show their skills by using 60-second video to apply for jobs.

We have built a map that shows your current location and the jobs near you, all you have to do create an account and apply.

We Build Lasting Relationships Between Candidates & Businesses

With WORKZONE we are using technological advancements to bring changes in the recruitment system.

Today’s generation is very mobile savvy and we are tapping into this medium of communication and helping young candidates use it to search and apply for jobs via video messaging platform. This approach also makes the process more transparent and quicker.

By using video technologies the employer sees the applicant visually and gets a better overview of their personality, which to some extent is important in the recruitment process.

Workzone News

Meet Justin Rowntree

Meet Justin Rowntree

 We have built a platform that allows businesses and job seekers to communicate better. We believe visual communication is the new way of hiring individuals who fit the employer's team. At Workzone, one of our core business values is to allow individuals...



Welcome to WORKZONE. Today, we are very excited to bring you our new version of the WORKZONE web application and also launch our website. With the new WORKZONE web application we plan to transform how employers post job vacancies and view potential...


Testimonials & feedbacks

“WORKZONE technologies helped me prepare for the job hunt and found me the perfect position in a matter of weeks! Professional and communicative every step of the way!”


“WORKZONE is simple, quick, easy and effective solution both for the employer and the applicant"

Dennis Reuban

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